Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ratings Bonanza!

FOP and TUFF Puppy continue to do well in the ratings! Check out the info on Thunderdog/Snapdad:

TUFF Puppy hit a series high across key demos

    • Delivered a 7.52 K2-11, 7.92 K6-11, 4.74 T9-14 and averaged 4.2 million total viewers (Sat 10a-1030a)
    • This was the highest TUFF Puppy episode of the series among K2-11, K6-11 and total viewers (for tweens it was the highest since the series premiere on 10/2/10)
    • TUFF Puppy retained approximately 90% of its SpongeBob lead-in among K2-11 and K6-11 while boys 6-11 grew slightly from the lead-in (+2%)
    • Big gains from the season to date average: +33% K2-11, +30% K6-11, +23% T9-14

And here's the breakdown on Love Triangle:

Most watched Fairly Odd Parents telecast since November 2009 with K2-11 and K6-11. Most watched Fairly Odd Parents telecast with Tweens since March 2008

    • Delivered a 5.56 K2-11, 6.38 K6-11, 5.06 T9-14 and averaged 3.4 million total viewers (11a-1130a)
    • On par among K2-11 versus year ago but up double digits among K6-11 (+20%) and Tweens (+31%) (yago: SB)
    • Compared to the prior four week average, FOP was on par among K6-11 and up +12% among T9-14
    • Strong retention out of Penguins, retaining 95% of K2-11, all of the K6-11 audience and growing +17% among Tweens

That's phenomenal news! Thanks for watching!
And thanks to for putting this all together!


Ricardo C said...

TUFF Puppy was definitely well deserving of these ratings. I'm glad that the promises of Dudley becoming nicer to Kitty were met, and now I hope to see more villans for a change.

Anonymous said...

I remember when FOP used to appear in the top 10 Nielsen cable rankings every week, usually right behind Spongebob, sometimes beating Spongebob. Love Triangle did nothing like that. It beat the Disney show opposite it, so I suppose Nick is okay with that showing, but 3.4 million total viewers overall for FOP is still pretty anemic considering it would consistently pull 4 million viewers every week back in 2002-2004.

kyle said...

Ratings and viewership aside, congrats on the Annie nom and, as usual, kick-ass boards.

Dave Thomas said...

Thanks, Kyle.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the episodes "Dog's Day Afternoon" "Apartnership"?
They're my favorite 11 minute episodes, Cosmo is actually funny AND lovable not like now where's he's yelling all the time and throwing coffee at his wife.