Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wrong And Dance

Wrong and Dance is the second cartoon of our strongest half hour. Another great personality driven story, executed with great imagination by Ricky Garduno.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Charlie Update

My boy is growing fast. He's 12 pounds now, and almost half as tall as his mother! (He's 24 inches tall, and she's 64 inches.... Okay, that math doesn't really work, but he is getting really big!)
I haven't seen Speed Racer or Iron Man, and I'm probably going to miss Indiana Jones too. This is what I do with my time instead:

...Which is way more rewarding to me. Charlie loves picture books, and I love reading them to him. M. Sasek's books are his favorites. He kicks his legs and squeels at the good pictures - which is pretty much all of them. He also likes to babble along with me as I read to him. It's a hoot.

So if you see me around, I won't be able to give you my opinion on the new Hulk tor GTA 4. But, if you need any facts on the Saturn rocket, or the name of the first monkey in space, I'm your man!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Love And War

Something really cool happens in second seasons. After a dozen or so half hours, the artists and writers figure out the characters, and move away from plot driven stories and gags, toward personality driven stories and jokes.

Love and War marked that turning point in Tigre. We knew the characters well enough that we could start looking for entertainment not just the situations, but how the individual characters reacted to them. From this point on the episodes just got better and better, for as long as it lasted.
...Not that I did any of that in my beatboards. I continued to focus on the visual structure, and action - leaving all the juicy stuff to the people who are way beter at it than me. In this case, the phenominal Eddie Trigueros.