Saturday, April 14, 2007

Famous Artist's School

The early 90's were a dark period in art education. Most of the instructors were of a mindset that rejected formal training in favor of, "having an experience with materials."

When I expressed my frustration to an instructor, he dismissively said, "Well if that's all you want to know, you should enroll in the Famous Artist's Course. "

So I did. And that's where I learned to draw.

The books were written by the most successful commercial artists and illustrators of the 1940's and 50's - guys like Norman Rockwell and Robert Fawcett, and they didn't hold anything back. Every drop of information they knew about the craft of creating art went into the course.

If you're frustrated with the quality of the art instruction you're recieving,
I can't recommend this course highly enough:

Fool's Goal

Jorge's hand out to us was very simple, "Make the greatest soccer cartoon, ever!" I don't know if we did, but me and board artist Kevin Kaliher sure had a lot of fun trying.

Kevin and I both played soccer growing up, and it just so happend that the World Cup was on at the time. The highlight reels of the Brazillian team provided a lot of inspiraton!