Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dream show

Here's a little peek at a show I had in development a while ago.

The chances of getting a show on the air are slim, so I just tried to have fun. That's why I made the mini bible look like a little golden book. It was fun! I even printed it up the same size, mounted the cover on card stock and staple bound it. Just like a real Golden Book.

I based the main characters and the villain on my three favorite people in the whole world - which made it easy to write, and fun to make up stories for.

The project didn't move forward, but I wanted to show a little of my own work, and the kind of thing I'd make given the chance. I hope you like it

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Monday, April 25, 2011

More Great Ratings

#16 in the Cable top 20... With a rerun!

Hey, I just got an idea for an episode: Dudley opens a pawn shop/ NBA franchise/beverage themed girl band wrestling team that picks through the junk of hoarders! What do you think?

RankNetworkProgramDayViewers (millions)
1HISTPawn StarsMon6.45
2HISTPawn StarsMon6.15
4DSNYLemonade MouthFri5.70
5USAWWE RawMon5.55
6USAWWE RawMon5.35
7HISTAmerican PickersMon5.15
11DSNYLemonade MouthSun4.55
12DISCThe Deadliest CatchTue4.35
16NICKT.U.F.F. PuppySat3.95
18HISTSwamp PeopleThu3.80
19A&EStorage WarsSun3.80

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