Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Watch Dog


cozmorocks12! said...

Is it true that a one hour animated FOP special will premiere on May 14th? Is it the last animated one hour FOP special left in store for us?

Dave Thomas said...

There is an hour long FOP special headed your way, but I don't know when.

It is not the last FOP special :)

cozmorocks12! said...

So I take it it's safe to assume that there will be no FOP animated one hour special premiering in May?

I thought the rest of the six episode Season 8 consisted of half-hour specials, as Hartman said last Comic Con that there was a one hour animated special, and a one hour live-action special, along with "Love Triangle". Therefore would it be the last ONE-HOUR ANIMATED FOP special?

Thanks for answering. It's nice to see that some of the FOP staff is still willing to talk with the fans.
BTW I liked your "little show on the side" Hugo, especially where you mention, "focus on personalities, rather than parodies". That seems like it would have been a fun show to watch.

Dave Thomas said...

Sorry about the confusion, I'm not saying it won't premier in May. I'm just saying I don't know. The air dates change all the time.

We are currently in production of "the last" FOP half hour special. But as I've said before, I believe there will be more!

cozmorocks12! said...

Not that I doubt FOP does have very good staying power, but when do you guys usually find out about renewals? Is Nick waiting to see how your latest specials do before making a decision? And how are you guys splitting up production for TUFF Puppy and FOP?
Once again thanks very much for answering.

Martin Rottweiler said...

Gretting Mr. Thomas! I'm Martin Rottweiler from DeviantART , a follower of Butch Hartman cartoons from FOP to TUFF Puppy ^^!

I certainly adore the way you do your storyboards, each time an episode said you did it, my eyes get pleased... I dunno what is it, but your storyboarding is so intense and special!

I've founded a FanJoint for TUFF Puppy on DeviantART and few weeks ago we sent Butch a letter adressed to him with many ideas, suggestions, fan-arts and many other stuff related with the show...
But well, our main goal is also the whole stuff, along with you, and writers, etc...

Here's the link to the letter
Thanks by stay in contact with your fans and well, if there's a chance you can also make this letter reach the rest of your partners working at TUFF Puppy, trough e-mail or something... please, many fans will be really thankfull with you!

Keep rockin' Dave, you're awesome!