Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Last Friday night was a big night!

They pile up all the trophies on stage, like pirate booty!

This was the sign on my chair. I read it less as a seating assignment than an affirmational message. I'm going to start putting them on my friends chair's too.

This is the category I won:

It's the one category that you know you've won ahead of time, so I practiced my speech over and over and over again... For a week! - But the second I stepped on stage, my mind went blank! Thank goodness I made a cheat sheet with everybody's name on it. I'd post a picture of the notes to show you that they actually said, "WIFE," because I knew I'd forget. (I have in the past!) I swear, those stage lights take away 50 IQ points as soon as they hit you.

This is me, hugely relieved that I remembered to thank everybody. Whew!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mustache Love

The episodes featuring Raul The Mustache were good sweaty fun to make. Raul couldn't talk - he would change his shape to pantomime out his intent, and this forced the artists to be extremely creative. Luckily we had no shortage of creative board artists! Ricky Garduno was the first artist to try his hand at it, and did an amazing job with The Mustache Kid. Eddie Trigueros took it as a personal challenge to top him in Miracle City Undercover, and did some of his most clever and interesting work. Super artist Sean Szeles was up for the third one, Mustache Love, and did not disappoint either.

My main goal with the beat board was just to do a little of the heavy lifting ( crowd shots and location design.) and then to get out of Sean's way.

I still have regret fueled, guilt-nightmares over the was the massive multi-plane pan I drew - and made poor Roman Laney paint... Only to cut out of the finished cartoon.

If you're reading this Roman, I'm still sorry.