Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Last Friday night was a big night!

They pile up all the trophies on stage, like pirate booty!

This was the sign on my chair. I read it less as a seating assignment than an affirmational message. I'm going to start putting them on my friends chair's too.

This is the category I won:

It's the one category that you know you've won ahead of time, so I practiced my speech over and over and over again... For a week! - But the second I stepped on stage, my mind went blank! Thank goodness I made a cheat sheet with everybody's name on it. I'd post a picture of the notes to show you that they actually said, "WIFE," because I knew I'd forget. (I have in the past!) I swear, those stage lights take away 50 IQ points as soon as they hit you.

This is me, hugely relieved that I remembered to thank everybody. Whew!

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Elaine said...

What a handsome, healthy, lovely man.