Monday, February 14, 2011

Is it candy?

Here's a few pages from my Thunder Dog board.
It was my favorite script from Season 1 of Tuff Puppy; and I was super stoked I got to board it.


Ricardo C said...

One of the tags says digital storyboarding. Are both FOP and TUFF Puppy done digitally now? Is is cheaper or faster?

Dave Thomas said...

The FOP and TUFF crews have been digital boarding since 2008. Is it faster or cheaper? Yes to both. But the reason we switched was that it allows you to do a better job in the same amount of time.

What are the advantages of drawing digitally? The same as writing on paper vs. using a word processor. Making changes and corrections is so much easier. And animation is all about making changes and corrections.

From a business point of view it is also greener. So much less paper is used - both in drawing and xeroxing. Money is saved in art supplies shipping as well. We used to overnight massive packages of paper overseas. It was wasteful and expensive. Now we just email it! Faster, cheaper, greener, and better! Win win win win!

Ricardo C said...

Oh I see. Does that mean episodes get completed quicker now or do they still take 8-9 months?
I'm interested in maybe entering the animation sector (after law, like Flappy Bob from School's Out :) ) so I'm quite interested in these things.

Gavin said...

Hey Dave, haven't talked to you in a while but I just saw your site and loved it. I see your working on TUFF PUPPY on at Nick.

I'm been trying to get get some work over at Nick but with no avail. What's a good way to get noticed on a show like TUFF Puppy?

I feel like my work is good enough but they tell me I have no experience without even looking at my work.

Almost got hired on Spongebob while working with the director but I'm still in a waiting process, which is fine, but he told me to try out for other shows.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I just HAVE to go around HR at Nick because it's a total catch 22 with them.

Here's some links to my work:
Spongebob Test

Gavins Cartoons

Dave Thomas said...

@Ricardo - the great thing is that we have the same amount of time to do the job - 8-9 months. Now we have the tools to do a better job in that time!