Monday, October 1, 2007

Puma Licito

My back was against the wall on this one. I dug down deep and came up with...Nothing. A handfull of stiff drawings, some shots I'd done before, and a couple of ripoff shots from better films.
What do you do when inspiration deserts you? I get really selfish with my insprations - spend a fortune at the comic book shop - and watch a ton of dvd's. After this board I think my comic shop guy added a new wing to his house, and Blockbuster had to close early.

Oh well - as the saying goes - fail, fail again, fail beter.


Stephen Heneveld said...


The catapult action, the sequence over the police station, and even the crowd shots are extremely entertaining. To highlight a quick few.

You did forget the "t" in "butt" in describing one of the actions. Hey, no one's perfect.

It's good to hear that occasionally someone else is walking out of Blockbuster with the majority of their stock.

Love the blog and inspired by the boards.

Dave Thomas said...

Hey Stephen,

Thanks for the kind words.

My problem with these is they're just more of the same shots I do week in and week out. Nothing new.

The shot over the Police station, and the close up of Oso's branded butt being the only real exceptions. (Hey - I got the spelling right that time!)

Next week I'll post the beatboard for Rising Son. I was all super charged on inspiration, and the difference is night and day!

Mukpuddy said...

Looks rad to me dude!!

But we all know what it's like to be uninspired a have "artists block"!!

Man I love this blog!!!

david gemmill said...

looks good! nice work. my favorite drawing is the lady holding the cat with the hat. keep up the great work.