Monday, October 15, 2007

Rising Son

Ah, re-inspired! This episode had a lot to get excited about. Samurai, Robots, Demon Ninjas, and a voice by George Takei - Star Trek's Sulu! The exact show I hoped I'd be working on when I was 14 years old!
Mr. Takei was awesome to work with. He really understands the difference between acting and voice acting - and was terrific about taking direction ( not that he needed it.) He had put a lot of thought into his character and the performance before he arrived - which made the record a breeze. And, to top it off, he was incredibly gracious - signing everything the crew put in front of him. Which, believe me, was a lot.
Some days, you just can't believe your luck.


Stephen Heneveld said...

I understand what you mean by being inspired. The action sequences are incredible, especially in the last two sets of boards (005 and 006).

I really like the change of angles in the last 10-12 boards when Toshiro claps his hands and the green wave expels the ninjas. It does a good job of setting up the wave so you really feel it as it overtakes the camera. Also a fan of the tilt given to the action sequences.

When you instruct the board artist to "please draw start pose" as Toshiro begins his stomp (in 005), are you asking for the pose where he points at El Tigre just at the new angle? Sorry for the ridiculous question. I just reread it and I'm having a hard time understanding what I'm asking.

Anyhoo, thanks for posting these. Big fan of the work.

Dave Thomas said...

Hey Stephen,

A start pose is the first panel of a new scene that matches the last pose of the previous scene. It insures that the character doesn't pop from one pose to another on the cut. A better term for this is a, "hook up" pose, which you will see abriviated as "HU."

Since I wasn't sure if the board artist was going to add a pose between the two I had drawn, I asked for a start pose.

mojomann67 said...

Great episode and the boards are awesome. I got hooked on the show after one episode(as did my daughter - el kayliegh!)

Love the blog Dave. Cool to have insight from inside a production like this. I saw on a TV listing site that has episode numbers past 20, does this mean the series has been picked up for a second season? I figured since it's a Nick production that it may have already a minimum 50 episode order.

Anyway kudos to Jorge, Sandra, you and your crew on an excellent show.


ps. I just watched 'Grave Escape' for the fifth time and have to say it's the best yet.

Dave Thomas said...

Hey Michael,

Glad you liked Grave Escape. The animation was done by the amazing 6 Point Harness studio, right here in Hollywood. They did a phenominal job.

Tigre has picked up for 26 episodes so far, and the team is getting better every day. So keep watching. The best episodes are yet to come.