Sunday, August 26, 2007

Moustache Kid

Ever notice how just about everything in El Tigre has a moustache? Robots, lobsters, goats....Anything even remotely masculine. Heck, even some of the women have moustaches!

It's pure Jorge Gutierrez. He's the undisputed King Of the Moustache Cartoon. He's made at least three whole cartoons completely about moustaches, and they're all awesome. Coincidentally, all three (including this one) were storyboarded by the very talented, but moustacheless, Ricky Garduno.


Mukpuddy said...

Ha ha, gotta love a good moe!! Looks like an awesome episode dude!!

It was really cool meeting you on our adventure to the states dude!! It was such a blast seeing how the show works and meeting all the artists!

warren said...

Hey Mr. Thomas,

All of these boards you've been posting look great!

Just wondering what kind of workflow you guys are using to to these boards - it looks like the boarders are drawing right on the blank templates, just like paper. Super simple.

Using Photoshop, or Sketchbook? What's your pref, and why?

There was/is an ongoing discussion on digital boarding workflow over at this post...any thoughts? Most of the people I know board at home studios around Canada. An educated opinion would be appreciated!

Dave Thomas said...

Hey Mukpuddy,

It was great meeting you guys too. Your pitches look great - so good luck!

Hey Warren,

We have a set template that we use and reuse - just like traditional storyboard paper. We've also done a lot of little things to make it easier to incorporate into the revision and animatic process - which I'll explain in an upcomming post.

It's really hard to say which program I prefer, as they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

For TV animation storyboards I prefer Photoshop. It's a rock solid application, and a real workhorse. It was designed to work with huge files - so it doesn't bat an eye at documents with 100+ layers.

But the best thing about Photoshop is the scripting of Actions. There is a lot of redundant work in TV storyboards, and it's great to be able to automate these processes. For example, I wrote an Action that copies an entire panel and pastes it in the panel that follows. Then you can go in and just replace the character level. This is a huge help in a lot of ways - it helps maintain the composition, and helps make sure character placement and volumes remain consistant. It also keeps the images from jumping all over the screen when we go to animatic.

You can see that's just one minor Action, that was super easy to write, but it makes a big difference. We use about 20 actions, which at the end of the week, probable save us 4 or 5 hours of work.

But if I'm not boarding I use other applications. For tight drawings - like presentation art, character designs, or comic books, I prefer Sketchbook. The line quality and tip feel is absolutely the best.

For painting I prefer Art Rage. It looks and behaves just like real paint.


Chris Battle said...

Ricky pours all of his moustache potential into his boards. The man does not stop giving!!

Miss Mindy said...

Hey Dave! I found you...

Stephen Studios said...

Nice boards! Thanks for posting!

By the way, you're not the other Dave Thomas too are you? The actor... I see your name on TV and wonder if it's you or the Dave Thomas whos the actor/writer/director/animax presidente..

Dave Thomas said...

Sadly, no.

He's a Canadian comic super genius. I grew up 11 miles from the Mexican border, and doodle on a computer.

We did both show up for meetings at Disney on the same day, though. That was awesome.

Isidro said...

My favorite episode so far, full with some of the most creative visual gags I have seen in years.

Did you had the chance to participate and write some of the visual gags yourself?