Sunday, May 27, 2007

El Tigre El Jefe

Some stories are a lot harder to pull off than others. This was one of them. But thanks to the awesome storyboard by Eddie Trigueros, great music by Shawn Patterson, and beautifully executed animation by Boulder, this one turned out in the end.


Mukpuddy said...

These boards are awesome dude!! Great job!!

Dagan Moriarty said...

First of all,
BEST blog name AND
'About Me' EVER!
hahaha :)

2ndly, the boards are fantastic
and the show in general
is wonderful... You guys are doing
great work!

warren said...

These boards rock! AND your post about a Cintiq clinched the deal for me - one's on the way. I'm gonna look like a pro now! Marmel will be so happy...(i'm boarding on Yin Yang Yo)

BTW, you're using Sketchbook Pro right? v1 or v2? I have PShop, but the inability to tilt a sketch really f@cks me up. I was thinking about getting Sketchbook cause you can do that easily...

As an aside, have you, or anyone you know, ever tried TVPaint? This fella loves it...and it looks interesting...

Muppet said...

I can't see the boards from number five on, seems like broken links... Nevertheless, your art is really great.

teehanwolf said...

the boards were great for this ep!

bc3 said...

again thanks for posting these boards!

Dave Thomas said...

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the lag in replys.

Thanks for the kind words Dagan. Your blog is awesome. Great stuff.

Hey Warren. Congrats on Ying Yang Yo. I started out using Painter, but have switched to Photoshop, due to Painter's constant crashing, RIFFs fragmenting the heck out of my hard drive, and Corel's lackluster tech support.

Half of the Zebra Donkey board in the post above was done in Sketchbook I don't know which version it is. V2 I think. It's my favorite drawing program. The only downside is it chugs a bit on the larger files. And I'll check out TV paint. Looks interesting!

Sorry about the broken links. I must be doing something wrong. They work at first. Then stop. I replace them. They work... Then stop again.

Any advice?