Sunday, May 6, 2007

Adios Amigos

This is one of my favorite episodes for a number of reasons. It has lot of heart, a great board by Ricky Garduno, terrific music by Shawn Patterson, and stunningly great direction by Roman Laney and Tod Polson.

The inspiration for this episode came from a traveling carnival that had set up in my neighborhood church parking lot (presumably so that when the amusements fell apart, the prayers of those aboard could be more easily heard by the Almighty.) Definitely the kind of place that only people actively courting danger could enjoy. People like Manny and Frida.

Visually, we needed somewhere even cooler than a carnival to stage our climax, so naturally we went with secret volcano lair. The Pantera Pit obviously owes a lot to the bat cave, but to me it was more a nod to the greatest secret volcano lair ever, Ernst Blofeld's, rocket snatching headquarters in 1967's, "You Only Live Twice."

...If only we could have had ninjas attack at the end.


Mukpuddy said...

Awesome boards dude!! Looks like a killer episode, I need this show to air in New Zealand NOW!! I'm missing out on sooo much!!!

Dave Thomas said...

Hey Mukpuddy,

All the episodes are available on itunes. They look really good, and sound better than the broadcast versions.

Mukpuddy said...

Hey Dave, thanks for the heads up!!

Will you guys be doing a panel at Comic Con this year?

Yumi-Fan said...

The cartoon looks nice but why the artwork look like a mock of the Renegade which worked in Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi? Frida look a mix of Ami and Yumi artworks.

Dave Thomas said...

Hey Muckpucky,

There will be a Tigre panel this year at Comic-Con. I believe it's on Sunday.

Hi there Yumi-Fan.
Thanks for watching. Frida is based on what co-creator, Sandra Equihua, looked like as a teenager - boots, guitar, blue hair and all!

Mukpuddy said...

Awesome Dave, we're making the trip over from New Zealand for this years event! Would be cool to meet all you guys!!