Saturday, February 9, 2008

El Tigre Wins!

Holy Cow! El Tigre won the Annie last night for Best Television Production for Children!

To stand on the same stage as three of my biggest animation heroes, Brad Bird, John K and Glen Keane...Unbelievable!

Here's what I wanted to say last night, but forgot the instant I stepped up to the podium:

An award like this belongs to the entire crew, so I'd like to thank everyone - both at home and abroad, who worked so hard to make something we can all be proud of.

I would like to give a special thanks to our friends at Boulder Media for giving us the best animation on TV.

Also a special thanks to Shawn Patterson for his beautiful music.

A big thank you to Tim Yoon, the World's Greatest Line Producer.

And a big thank you to Jorge and Sandra for letting us not just work on, but really be a part of their wonderful creation.

A few pictures:

Sandra, Jorge, Me and Tim Yoon - World's Greatest Line Producer!

World's Toughest Composer Shawn Patterson!

Me, Annie Nominated super genius animator Monica Kennedy, her friend, Annie winner Sandra Equihua, and DOUBLE Annie winner Jorge Gutierrez!


Mukpuddy said...

A massive congrats dude!! So very very very deserved... wonder what Nick thinks now;)

roque said...

Congrats, Dave! You guys rocked it. So proud of you all!

Jason said...

Congrats! Love the show.