Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Coup De Race

Here's the last of the beat boards done in Corel Painter. At this point in the production, the general instability of Painter was costing us more time than it saved. I had to finish with pencil and paper to make the deadline.
After this it was all Photoshop.
Coup De Race was animated by the supurb 6 Point Harness studio in Hollywood, and they really delivered.
Musically, the cartoon tips the hat at Hair Metal Masters , Motley Crue. And I've never seen Composer Shawn Patterson happier!


Paul Bouchard said...

These are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,..

If you're looking for software recommendations, I've switched over to ToonBoom Storyboard Pro and find the drawing tools more than adequate, plus I can preview all my camera moves -then print it out from a PDF export.
It has a few niggling issues,(don't use alpha/texture brushes until final cleanup because they can really bog things down, ..and the brush resize tool is hidden among the shortcuts), but I've done 9 eleven-minute boards with it an am happy.

Dave Thomas said...

Thanks Paul.

I'm really happy with Photoshop - but I'm always looking for something better. Storyboard Pro looks promising.

By the way, have you tried TVPaint?
It looks pretty good too.

Mukpuddy said...

These are awesome dude!!