Monday, September 28, 2015

The Big Day Storyboard

This season of Wander I took a storyboard rotation in addition to my responsibilities as Supervising Director and Producer.  

There's nothing better than boarding and directing your own episodes.  (except maybe WRITING, boarding and directing - which I got to do on the Mickey Mouse shorts!)  In any case, this is why working at Disney TVA is AWESOME. If you can do the job, they let you!

If you compare the drawing quality of my Wander boards to the Fairly Oddparents or TUFF Puppy boards, you'll see that the Wander drawings are a lot less polished. 

It's not that I put less time into them, or forgot how to draw, it's that the time was put into different places. 

The emphasis on FOP was graphic design and written jokes. On Wander the emphasis is on performance and animation. 

On a FOP board I would average about 600 panels a board. On a Wander board I would average about 1500. Obviously I had more time per panel on FOP.

Every show is different! My job is to make the creator happy, whatever that may mean.

I should also point out that this is the shipping version of the board, so it includes the character layouts by Justin Nichols (scenes 17, 20, 32 and 35,) and James Suhr, (scenes 87 and 155 156 160.)


Murray Huber III said...

Sweat new boards. Looks great Dave. Have you thought about getting a tumblr and posting it there. I'm sure you get some more traffic.

Dave Thomas said...

I have one!
And you're right! It does get more traffic!
Posting boards doesn't really work as well there, so I post them here too.

Murray Huber III said...

Great, I'll add it to my RSS reader. I checked out your tumblr which answered one of my questions. Looks like you board in storyboard pro. Your panel count is high, do they give you 5 weeks to finish?

Dave Thomas said...

Yep, we use Storyboard Pro.
Our schedule is 6 weeks per 11 minute.