Thursday, March 15, 2012

Welcome Back

Nickelodeon officially announced a new season of Fairly Oddparents yesterday at the Upfronts. The series will be produced concurrently with TUFf Puppy, so you can look forward to new episodes of both on Nickelodeon!


Marekos said...

So you will come back to work :D Do you know any season 9 episode name? I heard there will be an episode named "Poof's First Wand". Is it true?

And there will also be a live action movie "Fairly OddChristmas" :D

Dave Thomas said...

Yes, there will be a FOP live action Christmas special.
Regarding FOP episodes titles - don't believe everything you read on the internet :)
As for my involvement, I've decided to stay on TUFF Puppy, and won't be working on the new FOPs.

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

yaaaay :D

Bobby Yoo said...

Hi. When will the new episodes of the FOP air? After or before the Christmas special?

Dave Thomas said...

They recorded the first episode of the new season last week. It will probably take another 7 months to go through the production pipeline. So my guess would be after the Christmas special.

Bobby Yoo said...

OK. Thanks for the response.

Alfa9delta said...

Do you know if the season premiere of FOP will be an one-hour or half-hour special? BTW, all the episodes last season were full haf hour episode. This season will be back to the original 11 min. format?

Well, to finish, I'd like to thank you for being so gentle and answering the fans all the time you worked for FOP.
I wish you all the best, and lucky on your future projects.

Dave Thomas said...

Hi Alfa,

I left Nickelodeon before the writing had begun on the new season, so I'm not sure what they're planning.

It was a big pickup: 26 1/2 hours, so my guess would be mostly 11s with a few half hour specials, and maybe an hour-long special to introduce the new character. But that's only guess.

Like everyone else in the business, I started as a fan. It meant a lot to me when professionals took the time to meet with me or reply to my letters. I've tried to return that kindness now that I'm working, and will continue in the future.


G√ľnter Barz said...

I'm very excited about the future of FOP. If there are 26 half ours, then it is the biggest season of all. Do you know if Butch is back story boarding. And is this the last season of FOP?
Thank you for all these information on this blog. I`m sure that all fop fans praise you for these all.