Monday, October 31, 2011

Working in animation is fun!

Every year Nickelodeon throws a Halloween party, and it's really special. Each crew transforms their work area into a haunted house, and gives out candy to the all the lucky kids who are invited.  This year the TUFF Puppy crew built King Mutt's tomb, and I wanted to share it with you.

It started out with a little animation of the Chief - which I did in Flash.
Then comes the amazing stuff! Like entrance to King Mutt's tomb:

Inside, we find the tomb is filled with booby traps!
And finally you come to the treasure chamber. And guess what? The treasure is CANDY!!
Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard to craft such an amazing Haunted House!


Cameron said...

This is totally awesome!! Wish i could have been there.

eeTeeD said...

ditto cameron's comment.

i'm impressed and overwhelmed. really incredible work.


Coonfoot said...

Is that some paper mache model of The Chameleon in the back of one of those pics?

You guys do such a great job with your studio events! I wish I could join in the fun.

Dave Thomas said...

Indeed that is a life sized Chameleon - fashioned by our layout designer extraordinaire, Mr. Randal Eagles.

cozmorocks12! said...

What did Nick say about the 3 million viewers that tuned in for Timmy's Secret Wish? Are FOP's renewal prospects looking better or not?

Dave Thomas said...

Wow, Cosmorocks, you get your ratings before we do. Where did you get that number?

cozmorocks12! said...

Dave Thomas said...


Alfa9delta said...

Hey Dave.
"Meet the OddParents" is airing on Nickelodeon on December 29. Great, isn't it?
The sad thing is that I heard this is the last episode of FOP.Is this true, or this is just the last episode of the season?
BTW why was season 8 so short?
Well, I liked your post about the Haloween Party. I hope you answer me, bye XD

Dave Thomas said...

@ Alpha9delta. Meet the Oddparents is the last episode of season 8.

It was a short season because the same crew makes that makes FOP makes TUFF Puppy - and we split our efforts between the two.

I can't say if it's the last episode ever, and my record at predicting these things is terrible. But just in case we put a little scene at the end that would imply closure- closing the book, so to speak.

FOP cartoons take about 9 months to make. So even if we got the green light to make more episodes January 1st, you wouldn't be seeing new FOP cartoons until October of next year.

However I can say for sure: Butch and the crew still want to make more - so if Nickelodeon wants them, we'll make them!