Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A huge "thanks" to everyone who watched!

Nickelodeon’s The Fairly OddParents scored a top-ranking 5.8 million total viewers this week with the premiere of A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! (Saturday, July 9, at 8 p.m. ET/PT)The telecast, basic cable’s top show this week, also ranks as the number-one original TV movie on basic cable with kids and total viewers this year.

As a result, Nick has decided to air ALL UN-AIRED EPISODES OF FOP in the coming weeks.
Set your DVR's!


Tootie said...

Hello Dave, good to see the movie did well all weekend

I just wanted to know are the episdoes Poltergeeks, Farm Pit, and Timmys Secret Wish also coming up soon?

Dave Thomas said...

Hello, "Tootie."

I was told all of the unaired regular episodes would be shown, so Poltergeeks and Farm Pit should be in there.

Timmy's Secret Wish is a special, so they're probably going to hold on to that. When it is shown, there will most likely be promotions and all sorts of good stuff like that. There's no way you'll miss it.

Alfa9delta said...

People are saying that the movie was just an special, not a canon to the show Timmy and Tootie are NOT going to end up together. I think that when Butch said that the movie doesn't affect the serie, that was because it takes place 10 years in the future, not because it's not a canon to the show.
So, is it true that the movie was just a special and not a canon to the show?

Dave Thomas said...

Hi Alpha9Delta!

Here's my short answer:
It's way more fun to wonder!

And here's my long answer:
That's a great question. Let's examine the evidence!

The live action movie was written by Butch and former FOP writer and co-executive producer Scott Fellows. On top of that, Butch was deeply involved in every step - from casting and hiring the crew, all the way through editing.

Furthermore, it's been suggested throughout the series that Timmy will end up with Tootie in the future.

However, what does "canon" mean? Google told me that the whole idea comes to us from the Christians. Different branches of Christianity made different choices as to which ancient Judeo-Christian texts they would recognize. For example, the Roman Catholics recognize more texts as canon than the Protestants. Hence the difference between Catholics and Protestants!

How did they decide? It was a really complicated process but in the end, it was not the people who wrote the texts, but the communities of people who read the texts who decided!

So what I'm saying is, it's not up to us. It's really up to you!

DestinyDecade said...

I loved the movie a lot. I only wished that there'd be an extended edition of the film where the two finally get married. That to me would be satisfying.

Dave Thomas said...

I have a huge soft spot for Tootie.
I'm rooting for those kids too.

Dave Thomas said...

And thanks!

Marekos said...

Can you tell me the titles of episodes #125 and #126? Is it true that Season 8 has only 6 episodes?

jbjwtl said...

not a great deal of information was released at comic con...
when is the 10th year celebration to begin?
Will there be any promo or a 10th year anniversary poster?

Dave Thomas said...

@Marekos Season 8 has 5 specials.

#125 was Invasion of the Dads.
#126 is the last special. I don't think the title has been officially announced yet, but some super fans managed to find it registered at the US patent office. If you check some of the online forums, you'll find it.

Dave Thomas said...

@jbjwtl - sorry about the lack of FOP info at the Con. TUFF Puppy has become such a huge hit that all the attention is going there.

If you're a fan of TUFF Puppy, the good news is we're going to be making it for a long time!

As for FOP - I'm in the same position as you - I want to see more!

Marekos said...

#121 is "Love Triangle", #122-123 is "Timmy's Secret Wish", #125 is "Invasion of the Dads". So what is the title of #124? And is "Fairies:Revealed!" a real episode?

Marekos said...


According to this, "Invasion of the Dads" is #124.

Dave Thomas said...

It just goes to show I'm usually wrong on this stuff.

As far as episode titles, I'd love to tell you, but I can't give that information out. Butch's twitter is the best source for all that stuff!

If you have any artistic questions, I could try to answer those.


felipe said...

bravio bravio

Travis Penniall said...

Hello Dave, the movie was great! But I have one question. Is it true that Meet The OddParents is the last episode of The Fairly OddParents?

Dave Thomas said...

I hope not. We'll see what the future holds. But at the moment, we are not making any more.

sd said...

It's already 2 years then the live-action FOP aired. It thought then it could be a good idea to post a sort of retrospective.

The more I look, the more I find some flaws like a guy who buy a new car where more flaws appear over the years, it's ain't that bad but it could be better.

-No cameo appearance of Dinkleberg, Dad could had said his catchphrase "Dinkleberg!" Just imagine Daran Norris doing it in the live-action movie.

-Instead of creating a all-new character (Hugh Magnate), why not using Remy Buxaplenty, who didn't got a childhood and don't have any memories of his fairy godparent Juandissimo? Imagine at the 11th hour, some flashback scenes who haunt Remy's memories at the last hour. We could wonder if they had writen to have originally with Remy in mind but substitute for Hugh Magnate (or even trying the possibility then Hugh Magnate could had been Remy in disguise)?

-It could had been nice to see Trixie Tang and Veronica again, as well as Molly and Dwight (from the FOP episode "Wishing Well") and for villains, an opportunity to bring back the Pixies (just imagine HP and Sanderson doing the song "We're Pixies" in live-action), Anti-Fairies, Norm the Genie or even Mrs Doombringer. The 2 popular kids Tad and Chad could had turned unpopular having some hard time living.

I know then you weren't involved in the 2nd live-action movie who was the Fairly Odd Christmas special. I think it could had been interesting if they had used Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol as a point of start with Jorgen acting like Ebenezer Scrooge and receiving the visit of 3 ghosts of Christmas instead of using the current plotline we knew today.

The episode "A Christmas to Remember" from the puppet-animated serie Stingray, filmed in "Supermarionation" by the late British producer Gerry Anderson,in that episode; Troy Tempest, captain at the W.A.S.P (World Aquanaut Security Patrol) and pilot of the submarine "Stingray" , bring an orphan boy, Barry, to the W.A.S.P headquarters at Marineville and with the permission of Commandant Shore, assist Troy and "Phones" for a mission on Stingray, was a more superior Christmas episode to my eyes.

-Also, instead of a 1st-gen Chevy Van. I think Timmy could had desserved instead a 2-door Chevrolet Chevelle (not the muscled versions but the basic one) or a Ford Gran Torino (as a nod to the movie "Gran Torino) or even a old Land Rover like the one featured in a classic comedy movie "The Gods must be Crazy".;-)

sd said...

I have a huge soft spot for Tootie.
I'm rooting for those kids too.

A detail who come to my mind.

I guess that explain how Trixie Tang's character development was derailed in the episode "Just the Two of us" since you co-written it with Scott Fellows and her hidden tomboy side in "The Boy who'll be queen" was a fluke (or is it?)under the eyes of some fans unless she had a multiple personality disorder like Mike, a cartoon character from Total Drama Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-stars.

And did you saw the third FOP live-action movie titled "Fairy Odd Summer"? The ending seems to be a bit weird to me.

Dave Thomas said...

Hi SD,

Characters change over time. Hopefully they get better, but not always. We were sincerely trying to make the best show we could, in the amount of time we had. And the fact that people like you still care, I think shows we were successful at least some of the time.

Unfortunately, I didn't work on the second and third live action specials, and did not see them. So I can't really comment.

But keep watching FOP. I hear there may be some new ones headed you way in the months ahead.