Monday, June 6, 2011

FOP Live Action

An air date has finally been announced for the FOP live action special: Saturday July 9th!
Check out the preview on youtube:


cozmorocks12! said...

I watched "Invasion of the Dads" today and I was deeply disappointed. Although you may have said there was an attempt to make Cosmo back to his more loveable self, all I saw in that episode was the same old unloveable idiot from recent seasons. I'm glad Timmy values his Mom, although his flashbacks only highlighted the negative she does for Timmy. However the character that needs to do ANY making up is COSMO. He melted his wife more than once, called her hideous more than once, and complained and complained and acted like a complete idiot. That is NOT funny AT ALL. Instead it makes me think that really NO ONE is listening. This has been an issue FAR too LONG, and I feel that with a renewal this will only continue. Therefore I'm honestly happy FOP is practically done. It's torturous to see how far FOP has fallen. Hopefully you will take a look at that stinker of an episode and tell Kevin Sullivan, Ray Delaurentis and Will Schifrin to STOP. It's NEVER been funny and will NEVER be funny. And perhaps suggest that they watch "Apartnership" for how Cosmo used to act, the one where 4 million viewers would tune in to watch.

ParrotPirate said...

^I agree with the above. That episode was baaaaaaad. No offense to you personally. But why does this stuff with Cosmo keep happening? He's ruining the show and he used to be so funny and cute. And poor Wanda. She should take Poof and leave (yes I know it's a cartoon but I can't help thinking that, I feel so sorry for her).

Dave Thomas said...

Guys, really, I mean this in the nicest possible way, but it might be time to move on - if not from the show, than at least from this blog.

I love the show and I have deep respect for the people I work with. There are other places to voice these opinions, and in the future I would prefer you did.

cozmorocks12! said...

Perhaps what I asked was out of your control. Furthermore I understand you might be losing patience with us fans, and I have to admit I have much respect for your willingness to answer back and give us hope, since honestly the ONLY other forms of communication with anyone on the FOP staff is useless. (Fairly OddBlog, Butch Hartman's Official Forums) You are the only one who has had the guts to put up with us, respond back and once again I'm thankful for your honesty. Good luck with TUFF Puppy, since at the very least Dudley in that show ain't as unbearable as Cosmo.