Friday, November 5, 2010

Add A Dad

Whoops! My first TUFF Puppy Episode, Thunder Dog, won't air till much later this year, so until then, I'll continue to post FOP boards!

Season 7 had a lot of good scripts, but this was one of my favorites. Written by Kevin Sullivan, it all the things that I think make a great FOP story: a simple story, a problem kids can really relate to, a wish that creates lots of fun visuals, tons of jokes, and most importantly, HEART.


sebastian said...

hi Dave..!

can you please upload the episode Beach Bummed?? i mean , it's my favorite episode . i know it's oldie but i wanna see it with "another eye" ...xD congratulations for your awards and please do it!!


Dave Thomas said...

Hey Sebastian.

That was an analogue (paper) board, and buried deep deep in my garage... But since it's your favorite, I'll try to dig it out and scan some pages when I'm back at work in mid December!

splotch said...

Beautiful work and congratulations on your nomination.

Anonymous said...

Heart? In an FOP episode? Nah. The show hasn't had any heart in it since Truth or Cosmoquences.