Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Cuervo Project

Episode 24. About this time, I felt like I was starting to hit my stride on El Tigre. Composing in depth, which I hadn't really done before, was starting to feel more natural. The visual structure was becoming more instinctive and less cerebral. And I also had developed a real love for the characters, espeically Zoe Avez.

I never really thought of her as evil. I though of her as tragic. Here was a girl with a crush on on a boy who didn't like her back - and who often took advantage of her. Her father was long gone, driven off by her evil and abusive mother, or perhaps done in my her Grandmother. Who wouldn't feel sorry for her? I was always rooting for her, and glad that in the end, she finally got a win.


Tara Billinger said...

Its really cool that you still upload these. I always enjoy getting to look at them, hearing a bit about the behind the scenes of each episode and how they make me miss the show. Thanks for sharing!

Dave Thomas said...

Thanks Tara. I miss the show too!
BTW, I've been looking at your work on Deviant Art. Nice stuff!

Tara Billinger said...

Thanks so much, Dave. It really means a lot to hear that from you!

Gary Doodles said...

Awesome stuff! Your posing is great, cracks me up every time.