Monday, September 28, 2009


This episode was not only storyboarded by the Emmy winning Eddie Trigueros, he wrote the story as well! And what a story he wrote- full of love, betrayal and jealousy! Juicy stuff!

Jealousy is the funniest emotion as far as I'm concerned - and it's certainly my favorite to draw.
It's so shameful and socially unacceptable - and everyone tries so hard to pretend that they don't feel it - but everyone does.

But my favorite thing about jealousy makes sane people lose their minds in ways that are both terrifying and hilarious. Like the Astronaut that put on diapers to cross state lines and kidnap that woman. Terrifying and hilarious. She said she did it for love, but that was jealousy, pure 100% uncut, crazy jealousy. So once you establish that a character is jealous, they can do the craziest stuff, things that would normally be unthinkable, and it will ring true with an audience.

People do the same kind of thing when they're in love - which is why Frida acts like she does. They crap on their friends, turn their back on their family... All good stuff too.


Niko said...

Hey Dave, I know it's not the right place to do so, but I heard Nickelodeon's looking for board artists. Do you know how can I apply?

Dave Thomas said...

Hey Niko,

Call the front desk:
(818) 736-3000
and ask for recruiting. They'll tell you all you need to know!

Niko said...

Thanxs a lot Dave, I had a brief chat with Josilin Torrano who indicated me the website where I can apply. Not sure this will work for non US resident though...
Anyway, thanxs for helping.