Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Big Night This Saturday

Hey Everybody,

Wish the El Tigre Directing crew luck on Saturday night. We're nominated for an Emmy!

Jorge and Jerry DeJesus have already won in their Individual Achievement categories, for Character Design and Production Design. Tigre alumnus Eddie Trigueros also won for Storyboard on The Mighty B! Hopefully we directors can keep up with out super talented colleagues!

Here are the beat boards for Chupacabros. There are only four more Tigre beatboards after this. Then I'll start posting beatboards from my current job - The Fairly Oddparents.


Jorge R. Gutierrez said...

It's about freaking time your spectacular El Tigre direction is nominated for an Emmy. I'm shocked it took them this long!

I praying to all the ancient gods for you guys to win! Even Crom.

You'll be happy to know that Eddie Trigueros won his storyboard Emmy for "The Thing That Ate Frida's Brain" from Tigre!

This is the first time the Academy has had 3 winners in the same year from the same show. Not too shabby for our little show.

And if you guys win, it'll be Emmy number 4! Si se puede!!!

damon said...

good luck man you guys deserve it that show was one of the best shows on tv in years