Monday, December 8, 2008


In 1982, Thriller taught the world a fact little known out side of monster circles: Zombies are excellent dancers. That, and syncronised dancing is terrifying. 

Since then little has been done with either. We on El Tigre are proud to have done our part to bring the horror of syncronised dance to a new generation, and I think we managed to maintain and honor the proud dancing zombie tradition, picking up the mantle our forefathers dropped. 

Board artist Eddie Trigueros and I both drew our dance inspiration from figures of animation history. Eddie looked to legendary animator Ub Iwerk's Skeleton Dance. I looked to animation great MC Scat Cat, and his colaboration with Paula Abdul 


Jorge R. Gutierrez said...

You sir, are a genius. Of dance.

Mukpuddy said...

None of us would be anywhere without MC Scat Cat!!

Another rad episode... do you know if there's ever gonna be an El Tigre dvd dude?

Dave Thomas said...

The man above you will know all of the answers to your merchandising questions.

Until then, has a lot of the episodes up to view for free!

j.syro-something said...

Three hours of free time, a sudden attack of nostalgia, and a mediocre understanding of the magic Google box and Voila! Happy New Year and super congratulations on the daddy gig. I’d leave my number here... but doesn’t that equate to writing your own number on a bathroom wall? Hope to hear from you soon. - Julie (jsyro111@yahoo)