Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mother's Glove

I had a feeling that the episode with the super sexy super hero lady would get some extra love from the fellas on the crew - both at home and in Ireland... And I was right! Everyone did an amazing job on this episode, from Sean Szeles' board, through Boulder's animation, up to Shawn Patterson's music. All top notch!


Stephen Heneveld said...

I always look forward to coming back and checking out the new posts/boards. It's great inspiration and definitely provides a solid kick in the butt when needed.

Was this the episode that Sean Szeles had the commercial for on Nick where they showed the behind-the-scenes story pitch? Never saw it on TV but I remember it from a post from his blog quite a while ago. Pretty amazing.

Dave Thomas said...

Hey Stephen,

Wow, good memory. This is indeed the episode. Sean's pitches are fantastic. In daily life, Sean is kind of a quiet, soft spoken guy. But when pitch time comes around, he really gets into it! They're super entertaining.