Friday, January 18, 2008

El Tigre Happy Meal Toys at McDonnald's!

Check em out:

Here's the TV ad if you missed it:

Sadly there's no Frida, but a prototype was made. She's a little thick in the middle to accomodate a walking mechanism:

There was also a Chipotle Jr - which was totally awesome. I don't know why he wasn't made.

Get 'em while you can!


Saudade said...

I went to McD's to get mine. I love them.
I was sad about the whole No Frida thing. She is sooo my favorite :)

mojomann67 said...

With great rouges gallery that El Tigre has, I was hoping for a load of Villians. Sad we only get Sinestro. Most Happy Meal toy sets are like between 6 to 8 toys (some even bigger)but Manny & Co only get 4?? WTF

Well, I'm getting 3 of each (I have 2 daughters that love the show.