Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Clash of the Titan

More Titanium Titan goodness.

The purple, red and green text below the descriptions is an attempt to incorporate the visual structure into the beat boards, instead of having it on seperate pieces of paper - that would often get lost or misplaced.

The basic idea of Tigre's visual structure was that family, school, law and order, the safe and and stable parts of Miracle City, were best represented with balanced compositions, and limited depth. Genrally formal compositions.

Adventurous things, like crime fighting, were presented in deeper space -with more unbalanced compositions. For the most part, informal compositions.

For the most dynamic sequences, we tried to go with a mix of the two - for maximum contrast within the sequence.

It sounds pretty straight forward, but it's actually really hard to keep consistant when you're storyboarding. Fortunately, the board crew on Tigre was amazing, and eventually all these things became second nature.

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Mukpuddy said...

Great boards dude!!