Sunday, March 11, 2007


It’s a very hard to tell another artist what you want to see using words. So, one of the things I do as a Director, is a beatboard – which describes in pictures, how I’d like to see the key moments of the storyboard handled.

Black Cuervo was the first episode to go into production. Extra time was added to the schedule so artists could get used to drawing digitally. I got a little extra time as well, which is why this beatboard is the largest.


Kent B said...


So how is the "beat board" different from a "storyboard"? It looks like you did all the work - you just need an assistant to paste in the descriptions and clean up some of the drawings!

Muppet said...

Man, you are such a great artist. Congratulations.

Dave Thomas said...

Hi Kent,

To put it in SAT terms, the beatboard is to a storyboard, what an outline is to an essay! It's just sort of a rough guide.

The finished boards on Tigre come in at around 300 pages, so you can see - this is really just a scratch on the surface.

Fred Osmond and Ricky Garduno are super amazing board guys. They added a ton to these shows!